WebDrogue Drift Prediction Model

WebDrogue is a modelling tool to predict the pathways of objects drifting in Canada’s Atlantic and Arctic ocean waters. It was developed for practical and research applications, such as predicting:

  • Oil spill drift
  • Path of drifting objects for search and rescue purposes
  • Transport of fish eggs and larvae
  • Microplastics suspended in the ocean

Drift trajectories are computed using tidal circulation, seasonal mean circulation, wind-driven circulation, and a surface-wind drift. The technique for computing the wind-driven circulation and for combining the circulation components is described in Hannah et al. (2000). For more information, see Methods.

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Map shows areas covered by WebDrogue datasets, which are the Arctic, Southern Labrador and Newfoundland Shelf, Newfoundland Shelf, Scotian Shelf Laurentian Channel, Scotian Shelf Gulf of Main, Grand Manan, and Canadian East Coast Ocean Model (CECOM).
WebDrogue datasets cover the areas shown on the map.