Available Data

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Helicopter Data from Sea Ice Field Surveys
(ANON FTP or by request)

Data and software are included for the EM Ice Probes: IcePic and IceProbe, the Video-Laser-GPS system, and the ground-penetrating radar (GPR) ice and snow thickness system. Sea ice observations, plots and digital pictures of the sea ice surveys are available for download or as a data CD (by request). Only a small fraction of the video frames collected are shown as mosaics and show the different ice conditions seen along the helicopter flight paths. Notes and mosaic lists are also provided (documentation requires MSWord). The ice thickness data files (Datfiles) are included; they can be used to plot and overlay on SAR images or to make ice thickness plots yourself with the Datfile viewer (requires MatlabR12 or 5.3).


  1. Gulf of St. Lawrence

  2. Beaufort Sea

  3. Labrador Shelf (includes helicopter-based CTD casts)

e-mail your data CD request

Mooring Data

  1. Makkovik Bank

    ADCP mooring location
    Microcat mooring location

    1. ADCP
    2. moored CTD (Microcat)
    3. moored ULS (a.k.a. IPS)
  2. Lancaster Sound

    1998-2006 mooring information
    2006-2007 mooring information
    2007-2008 mooring information
    2008-2009 mooring information

    1. ADCP
    2. moored CTD (Microcat)
    3. moored ULS (a.k.a. IPS)
    4. water level recorders
    5. Icycler
    6. Fluxes
    7. CTD profiles

    Data Reports

  3. Davis Strait

    1. moored ULS (a.k.a. IPS)
  4. Gulf of St. Lawrence

    1. ADCP
    2. moored CTD (Microcat)

Ice Drift and Ice Draft

Past and present beacon data

Iceberg Drift and Forecast (ANON FTP)

Barrow Strait 1970s and 1980s (Bayfield Lab data)

data and field reports

Reports are available through the BIO library; limited copies are available by request.