The Aquatic Biotechnology Lab

Biotechnology is a rapidly evolving and technology driven area of biology. The Aquatic Biotechnology Laboratory is as a core facility to provide the equipment, personnel and expertise in the area of molecular biology to DFO scientists and collaborators in a cost effective manner.

The major equipment in the lab includes:

  • AB3130xl capillary electrophoresis system (Applied Biosystems)
  • FMBIOIII fluorescence scanner (Miraibio)
  • EDAS 200 gel documentation system (Kodak)
  • Six Eppendorf ep Mastercycler gradient thermocyclers, two Eppendorf Mastercyclers and one Applied Biosystems 9700 dual block thermocycler
  • StepONE and StepONE Plus real-time instruments
  • C.B.S. Scientific vertical gel electrophoresis rig (55cm width)
  • DCode DGGE gel rig (BioRad)
  • workstation (AirClean)
  • QIAXcel (Qiagen)
  • QIACube (Qiagen)

Contact Person: Lorraine Hamilton (Laboratory Manager)